Make a positive difference for youth in our community

Support prevention, health & wellness programs focused on youth

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Support prevention, health & wellness programs focused on youth

We are fundraising to reduce youth substance abuse

As teens today, we are dealing with stress, pressure and anxiety about our health, safety and future — more than ever before.

  • We must balance family, school, grades, sports, work, clubs, activities, faith, friendships, social media, and the added pressures of doing well and keeping it altogether.

  • We literally have a social world of information at our fingertips. With so much to manage and navigate through we're faced with tough choices every day.

  • Teen substance use and abuse is a growing problem, and while many of us are making good choices and doing the right thing, there are added pressures all around us.

  • Over half of our peers feel so overly stressed and anxious on a daily basis that they find it difficult to do their work, take care of things at home or get along with others. And, we know that our peers abuse substances as a way to take the pressure off or as a way to fit in and feel like they belong.

We are the Youth Action Board (YAB) -- an inclusive group, dynamic and diverse group of teen volunteers from 11 public and private high schools in the Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills community that bring about positive change for our peers. We work hard to support the BBCC's mission and to bring its vital prevention programs to our schools and community with a relatable teen point of view and focus.

Our goal is to provide teens with a positive voice and presence in the broader community on issues important to teens with a focus on substance abuse prevention, health and wellness.

We meet on a regular basis to discuss substance abuse trends and other important issues teens face today. Based on this information, we plan and organize safe, fun alternative community-based and supported events, leadership opportunities for teens, and programming that is informative and empowering.

The YAB 5K
is being planned by us to raise awareness and fundraise for teen substance use and abuse, to support youth struggling with stress, pressure, and anxiety AND to make a positive difference in our community.

We believe and feel that not enough people know about the BBCC, the YAB and what we are trying to do to save and support our teens. With limited funding and resources, serving two wonderful communities with 36 schools, and ALL that we have going on as teens, we need help! The YAB 5K is meant to bring a greater community awareness to the issue, create a positive and inclusive event where many can participate, enjoy, make a difference by supporting BBCC, the YAB and all youth in our community.

The Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition (BBCC)
is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), community-serving organization established in 1995. Our mission is to raise awareness and mobilize the entire community to prevent the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, with a focus on our youth. BBCC strives to "Save Kids Lives" through an expanded focus on the overall health and wellness of young people.

BBCC goals are to increase community collaboration and reduce youth substance abuse and encourage positive choices for overall health and wellness
using a research-driven, evidenced based approach tailored to our community's specific needs. Doesn't every child deserve the safest, healthiest drug-free community to grow-up in? Yet, we know that teens today are dealing with more stress, pressure and anxiety than ever before. Because of this, we also know that more teens are at risk to make unhealthy decisions or try unhealthy behaviors.


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